Breeding Program

Hard-working, trouble-free cows in any setting.

That translates into 31 EX and a 107.4 BAA on the last large scale classification. These same cows average 80,000 SCC for 2019 and just short of 31,000 pounds sold per cow for the year. Sire selection aims to combine additional strong cow families with in-house favorites like the Roxies and “G”’s in complementary matings. The successful heifer program and high overall herd health means that we have cattle and embryos available at all times.

Thanks to the buyers of Brigeen animals, both consignments and private sales, we look forward to your continued success with them.

Cow Families

Our breeding program is focused on providing hard-working, trouble-free cows that are also pleasing to the eye. The following cow families represent those ideals and have family members available at all times.

Brigeen Atwood Bella 2E-93
2-11 297d 31,610 1196 937
3-11 365d 42,664 4.2 1780 3.1 1302  Over 225,000 lifetime.
8th generation EX From the Cook Farm Fire Bell family.  Bella is the dam of Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87 and 3.87 type, and Brigeen McCutchen Bell VG-85 2-11 365d 45221 4.1 1866.  Her Pety daughter now EX-94. Bella’s Crush granddaughter is the dam of Aija Believe P at Blondin Sires.


Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-88
2-2 341 29445 3.9 1134 3.0 897                                                                                                3-8 365d
37132 4.2 1558 3.0 1097
Bella has 8 EX dams hailing from the Cook Farm Fire Bell family. Bella’s oldest daughter by Yoder is now EX with 36189 @ 2-1, and her Crush daughter is the dam of Aija Believe P at Blondin Sires.  Bella’s full sister is now VG-85 and her spectacular daughters by Pety is now EX-94.

Brigeen 1st Grade D Rolene VG-89
2-2 118d 11704 4.0 467 3.0 349 inc. 
Reserve Jr. All-American Winter Yearling 2019
1st Grade X Brigeen Doorman Rolene EX-91 next dam VG-87 Airflift, back to Convincer Rhonda (EX-95 GMD-DOM).  Rolene has sisters by Rapid and gorgeous Delta Lambda yearling daughters.


Brigeen Atwood Regina EX-90
Atwood x Blt Regina EX-90
4-01 305d. 41550 6.1 2873 3.2 1498
7th Generation EX “Roxy”  2nd National Fat record.  EX sisters by Goldchip, Anaheim, and Gillette Jordan.  Regina’s Sidekick daughters are just fresh and stunning.


Brigeen Supersire Gigi 2E-92

Supersire x Brigeen Shottle Gigi EX-GMD x Outside Gigi EX-GMD-DOM

5-3 365d. 47163 4.0 1879 2.9 1228

Fresh in July.  Gigi’s highest scored Monterey daughter now EX-93  and her VG-87 King Royal has 6 fabulous Unix daughters due in 2022.

Brigeen M SS Gigi 2987 ET- EX-93

Monterey x Brigeen Supersire Gigi 2E-92
1-11 365d 33917 4.0 1372 3.2 1085
Gigi has daughters by Humblenkind VG-88 @ 2yr, Dropkick, Brass, and Doc.

Juniper Wish Come True ET EX-93

Doorman x EX-91 Atwood x Juniper Outside Wish EX-95
2-2 340d 30858 4.0 1230 3.0 911
Oldest daughter by 1st Grade now VG-87, with a fantastic Hanans yearling. Wish Come True’s DT conventional embryos sired by sorted Unix sell in The Cornell University Dairy Club Sale March 19, 2022.

Brigeen DL Genius VG-87
1-10 300d 3x 28580 3.6 1017 3.0 854 inc.
Genius is a Delta-Lambda x McCutchen Georgia VG-87 x B-Enterprise Super Gigi EX-90.  Watch for Genius’s gorgeous Peak Jagger fall calves at this summer’s shows..

Brigeen King Doc Loren VG-86
1-11 256d 3x 23542 3.9 918 3.1 721 inc.
King Doc x Golden-Oaks M Loren VG-88, granddam Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket EX-94. Loren has daughters by CEO and Discjockey.

Brigeen Delta Lambda Glow EX-92 94 ms
2-11 308 dim 43170 1995 1381
Delta Lambda sister to Brigeen Supersire Gigi EX-92. Glow’s Rapid daughter is due fall 2022, and her Hanans October calf continues to impress.


Midas-Touch Hum Joely-ET 2596 GTPI A2A2 VG-89
Humblenkind x Midas-Touch Jedi Jangle VG-89  Her Royalcrush is due in May, Jagger calves continue to stand out, and she is just fresh March 1 with a beautiful Believe P heifer.

Juniper Apollo Coral EX-92
3-10 359d. 3x 35708 4.2 1512 3.4 1227
Westcoast Apollo x Howardview Gold Casey.  Coral has a CEO daughter born 7/19 and super fancy Jagger daughter. Coral’s EX-90 full sister is the dam of Brigeen Classy A Chloe fancy Spring Yearling selling in the Massachusetts calf sale March 19, 2022.


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