Breeding Program

Hard-working, trouble-free cows in any setting. 

That translates into 31 EX and a 107.4 BAA on the last large scale classification. These same cows average 80,000 SCC for 2017 and a rolling herd average of 30,000. Sire selection aims to combine additional strong cow families with in-house favorites like the Roxies and “G”’s in complementary mating. The successful heifer program and high overall herd health means that we have cattle and embryos available at all times.

Thanks to the buyers of Brigeen animals, both consignments and private sales, we look forward to your continued success with them.

Cow Families

Our breeding program is focused on providing hard-working, trouble-free cows that are also pleasing to the eye. The following cow families represent those ideals and have family members available at all times.

Brigeen Atwood Bella 2E-93
2-11 297d 31,610 1196 937
3-11 365d 42,664 4.2 1780 3.1 1302 
5-3 339d 43671 4.2 1815 3.0 1328 inc.
8th generation EX From the Cook Farm Fire Bell family, Bella now has over 176000 lifetime and is just fresh again. Bella is the dam of Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87 and 3.87 type, and Brigeen McCutchen Bell VG-85.

Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87
2-2 341 29445 3.9 1134 3.0 897
Bella’s 8 dams are EX in the Cook Farm Fire Bell family. 5 Bella daughters are all over 3.1 Type, with the oldest one by Yoder, now VG-85. Bella’s full sister is now VG-85 and has spectacular daughters by Pety and Callen.

MS Milksource Blt Regina EX-90
2-4 3x 328 36,286 4.4 1596 3.0 1081
Bolton X Brigeen Shottle Rhonda EX-90 EX-92 MS, Next dam Convincer Rhonda (EX-95 GMD-DOM). EX Daughters by Atwood, Gold Chip, Anaheim.

Brigeen Atwood Regina EX-90
Atwood x Blt Regina
4-01 305d. 41550 6.1 2873 3.2 1498
2nd National Fat record for her age


Brigeen Supersire Gigi EX-91

Supersire x Brigeen Shottle Gigi EX-90

2-2 365d. 41281 3.6 1612 3.3 1228

Gigi’s Monterey December calves test to +2570 GTPI, super King Royal at +2509

Brigeen M SS Gigi ET VG-86
1-11 185d 18390 713 559 inc.
Monterey x Brigeen SH Gigi EX-91

Brigeen Supersire SH Gigi EX-90
2-2 365d 41250 3.9 1609 3.0 1228
Supersire x Brigeen Shottle Gigi EX-90 GMD x Brigeen Outside Gigi EX-90

Farnear Tbr Bh Georgia VG-88 87MS
+2516 GTPI 2.85 T

2-2 28000 4.3 1200 3.2 904

McCutchen x B-Enterprise Super Gigi VG-87
Georgia has two stunning Delta Lambda calves here at Brigeen testing to 2500 GTPI

Juniper Apollo Coral VG-88
3-10 112d. 13570 589 432 inc.
Westcoast Apollo x Howardview Gold Casey EX-94

Midas-Touch Hum Joely-ET 2596 GTPI A2A2
Humblenkind x Midas-Touch Jedi Jangle VG-89

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