278 Upper St.
Turner, ME 04282
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About Us

Brigeen Farms, Inc., is a family dairy farm in existence since 1777.  Steve and Mary Briggs and Bill and Betsy Bullard are the ninth and tenth generation to operate the farm on this site. Sustainability starts with a viable business model, proving the old adage “if you take care of the cow, she will take care of you”. Cow comfort and care is job # 1, with a combination of new and upgraded freestall barns, sand beds, and free-choice nutritionist-balanced feed. We work closely with the veterinarians at Annabessacook Vet, and other support consultants including nutritionists at Cargill to ensure that we are employing the most current understanding of what makes cows tick.

The dairy herd consists of 600 mature animals and 500 young animals. The cows are milked three times daily, with award-winning quality milk recognized both by our milk cooperative Dairy Farmers of America, and the regional milk testing organization, Dairy One, since 2008.  Current herd average is over 90 pounds per cow each day, for a rolling herd average of 30,000 pounds.

The Hood family of Hood Farm, LLC, handles cropping responsibilities. Corn and hay crops are grown on approximately 1500 acres of local land. High quality locally grown feed means our cows have been “buying local” long before it was a bumper sticker or an ad campaign.  Brigeen Farms currently employs 10 people full time, including family, supplemented by seasonal crop labor, and many others in support industries. We are a proud part of Maine's strong dairy industry, which generates over $570 million a year to the state's economy.