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Turner, ME 04282

Cow Families

Hard-working trouble-free cows that are also pleasing to the eye are our focus of our breeding program.  The following cow families represent those ideals and have family members available at all times.

Brigeen Atwood Bella 2E-93
2-11 297d 31,610 1196 937
3-11 365d 42,664 4.2 1780 3.1 1302  

5-3 339d 43671 4.2 1815 3.0 1328 inc.
8th generation EX From the Cook Farm Fire Bell family, Bella now has over 176000 lifetime and is due back in June 2018.  Bella is the dam of Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87 and 3.87 type and granddam to Brigeen Crush Bella selling in the Exclusive Opportunity Sale April 5.


Golden Oaks M Loren VG-85

2-1 264 dim 26010 851 718 inc.

GTPI 2492 Montross x Goldwyn Locket

Loren has a December '16 McCutchen at $933 DWP and beautiful Kingboy calves, with Doc and Progenesis Fortune calves on the way.  Loren is due back in 2018 and gets better every day.



MS Milksource Blt Regina EX-90
                      2-4 3x 328 36,286 4.4 1596 3.0 1081                        
Bolton X Brigeen Shottle Rhonda EX-90 EX-92 MS, Next dam Convincer Rhonda      (EX-95 GMD-DOM). 

Daughters by Atwood, Gold Chip, Doorman, Anaheim, Crush.

Brigeen Anahem Regina is now VG-88 @ 2-2, and Brigeen Doorman Regina is also VG-85 at 2-1.

Brigeen Doorman Rosalie-ET
Sold to Borderview Genetics in the 2017 Maine Event Tag Sale, Rosalie is fresh and now VG-88.  Rosalie's Byway calves here at Brigeen are eye catchers, testing to 3.84 type.  Rosalie has three VG dams then 92, 92, 95 Integrity Robin.  Rosalie's big sister just scored EX fresh less than a month with her second calf, before her third birthday.  Watch for new photos of her, if the snow ever melts!


Brigeen Supersire Gigi EX-90
Supersire x Brigeen Shottle Gigi EX-90
2-2 365d.  41281 3.6 1612 3.3 1228
Fresh again June 1st with a spectacular Merjack heifer, and scored excellent a week fresh..
Gigi's Monterey December calves test to +2570 GTPI, super King Royal at +2509 and additional King Royals born in December.  Gigi has Bloomfield pregnancies on the way.

Farnear Tbr Bh Georgia VG-88 87MS
+2516 GTPI 2.85 T
2-2 28000 4.3 1200 3.2 904
McCutchen x B-Enterprise Super Gigi VG-87
Georgia has two stunning Delta Lambda calves here at Brigeen.