278 Upper St.
Turner, ME 04282

Hard-working trouble-free cows that are also pleasing to the eye are our focus of our breeding program.  That translates into 31 EX and a 107.4 BAA on the last large scale classification.  These same cows average 80,000 SCC for 2016 and a rolling herd average of 30,000.  Sire selection aims to combine additional strong cow families with in-house favorites like the Roxies and “G”’s in complementary matings.  The successful heifer program and high overall herd heath means that we do have cattle and embryos available at all times.


Thanks to the buyers of Brigeen animals, both consignments and private sales, we look forward to your success with them.


Canyon-Breeze Gold Arian  2E-94, 95-MS
4-10 352d 41190 5.1 2065 3.3 1347
Goldwyn X Canyon Breeze Mor Alicha EX-95

Arian's oldest Aftershock daughter is now EX second calf, a Colt 45 is now EX with her second calf, Fresh Lottomax looks very promising, and Arian herself is fresh again on June 25 and her Bailey *RC baby is a stunner.  Arian's 3.56 Type December Byway calf sells in the upcoming Holstein Plaza online auction.

Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87
2-2 341 29445 3.9 1134 3.0 897
Bella's 8 dams are EX in the Cook Farm Fire Bell family.  5 Bella daughters all over 3.1 Type,                   and her fancy June 3.53 T RC Bailey daughter sells in the Sale of Stars.